We have been working closely with these companies
to provide best software development solution
by taking part in their projects.
LEO Innovation Lab is an independent development unit, established by LEO Pharma as part of a long-term strategic decision to focus on patient needs and the overall goal of making a positive difference to people living with a skin condition.
DrugStars is a company that offers a platform for patients to register, share, and view medicines, as well as take part in surveys and health care competitions.
Medical & Pharma Companies
Our partners are the largest European pharma companies: DrugStars and LEO Pharma.
Our projects
By registering your use of products, it is easier to improve your daily routines, and at the same time receive data on how you
are following your personal treatment plan. Our team has developed an Android application and adjusted the UI of an iOS application, as well as set up the whole syncing process, including syncing of the button with the mobile applications
and local data with server.
Klikkit is a system consisting of an app connected to physical buttons, which you attach to your skin products, in order for
you to better track how you manage your skin.
Platforms: iOS & Android
Out team has developed backend, iOS and Android mobile apps from scratch.
Drugstars is a mobile application that is targeting patients with chronic diseases and reminds them the time when they should take their medicine. Users get a star for each time they take a medicine. These stars can later be donated to charity, which will provide a user with a health voucher in return.
Platforms: Web Player, iOS & Android
Our team has developed a thin web client, API (translation section), multiple surveys and profile templates.
PsoHappy is a unique worldwide study exploring how psoriasis affects people’s happiness. The platform invite people living with psoriasis to take part in surveys exploring areas of life related to their condition. It is already known that people with psoriasis are 24% less happier. PsoHappy aim to increase awareness by sharing the collected data with doctors, newspapers and patient associations.
Platforms: iOS, Android
Our team has developed an API for thin clients of this project (mobile apps and thin web client for doctors) and supported the development of highest level of security around the personal data of patients for this product.
InTouch allows medical experts to have consultations through video or text to receive treatment, advice and prescriptions. As a patient you dont have to look up your doctor to follow progress of your treatment since InTouch allow you to share the progress online in a systematic way and even reach out to your doctor directly through your phone.
Platforms: iOS & Android