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Tele2 Music

Tele2 Music is a music streaming service for Tele2 mobile operator. It allows searching for best Russian and worldwide music of different genres, listen to it online or download for offline listening, create own playlists and add tracks to favorites.

Our company has developed the entire service, both backend and frontend functionality.


Platforms: Web Player, iOS & Android


Combining music discovery & personalization technologies into an app with a simple UI, MusicSense is a music streaming service for radio-centric music listeners providing a fully-automated solution to discover their favorite type of music.

Just by hitting Play, user immediately enjoys a 100% personalized music feed.


Platforms: Web Player, iOS & Android

Internet radio streaming license is substantially simpler and more affordable than the on demand one, that’s why we’ve created, a personalized Pandora. It enables music listeners to enjoy music they like from the very first launch of the application.

There are two major technologies behind a personalized music recommendation system and a personalized advertising technology.


Platforms: Android

Impulsive Vibes

Impulsive Vibes is an electronic music radio we have launched in the US. Users can listen to their favorite sounds and discover favorite tracks. An advertiser can add a 30 seconds audio advertisement, edit it and change the target audience online.


Platforms: iOS & Android


Mobile devices have a limited storage capacity and syncing personal music collection between different devices may take a lot of time. 10tracks is a cloud music storage and streaming service that lets music collectors enjoy their music, streamed from the cloud, anytime, anywhere.


Platforms: Online Cloud Storage & Streaming Service, iOS, Android & WIndows Phone


Musix is an on demand music streaming service for Pelephone, a mobile operator from Israel. We've developed Android & iOS apps that allow to stream music online, sort out tracks by genres, artists and albums, auto-generate playlists, search tracks and add them to Favorites, create personal playlists, download tracks for offline listening and share them with friends.


Platforms: iOS & Android

Beeline Wave

A music streaming service of Beeline, a Russian mobile operator with +50M subscribers.

Our company has licensed the system of music content integration and adjusted it to Beeline's music needs. We maintain an integration with +40 labels including Universal, Warmer, Believe, Orchard, which amounts to total 1PB of data.


Platforms: iOS & Android


Volume - the most advanced music application in Israel. With endless songs from Israel and ever - the hottest albums, the leading artists and the newest songs. Personal area with - your playlist history, building your own personal playlists and favorite songs. Daily music editing with a rich and complete recommendation area of ​​the latest music - playlists, moods and genres. Your songs are always with you and everywhere - downloading songs offline at no cost. Original content only with amazing audio quality. Share with Facebook friends, in WhatsAPP and in Mail. An innovative, easy and simple user interface.


Platforms: iOS & Android

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